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Condor2Nav 2.5


I. Instalation
1. Obtain latest Condor2Nav release package from the project website and extract it
anywhere on the hard drive.
2. Obtain XCM map files for all supported sceneries from Condor2Nav project webpage
3. Have LK8000 installed and configured on the target device (e.g. PDA, PNA, PC)
4. Copy all XCM scenery files to the "LK8000/_Maps/condor2nav" subdirectory on
the target device.

II. Configuration
1. Open condor2nav.ini file and set:
a) [Condor2Nav] "Target" to "LK8000"
b) [Condor2Nav] "OutputPath" to the parent directory of LK8000 directory on the target
device (data will be copied via ActiveSync connection)

III. Translation
1. Open Condor and save the task for translation as "A" (by default "A" task name is
used for translation).
2. Run condor2nav-gui.exe (it is handful to create a shortcut to application executable
on the Windows desktop).

IV. More Details
For more detailed information please look into the README.txt and condor2nav.ini files
in Condor2Nav main directory.

Before LK8000 I was using...