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Crash reports with faulty SD cards!
Friday, 04 April 2014 18:51

The crash in fact happens while writing to them (logger activated) or while finalizing the logger adding the G record, once landed.

These crashes happens with any LK version: old 4.0 or new 4.1-5.0 .
There is nothing we can do about it because it is an hardware fault (the disk is somehow broken, the OS is throwing an exception we cannot trap).

We recommend all pilots to not connect their PNAs using activesync on PC, and always extract the microSD and use an adaptor. Always extract the card with proper hardware removal from the operating system.
Never reset the PNA while LK is still running, and if this happen for any reason you should assume that the microSD can be now corrupted.

On PC it is possible to perform a "scan disk" operation to check the microSD for errors, but this does not grant that all files are now still existing, so be careful.

Some microSD may not well tolerate summer's high temperature, and maybe after some years it is now time to spend a few euro and replace it.

Do not use 16GB microsd cards, they are known to give errors also on android devices, and if possible try to get good and cheap old 4GB .

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