LK8000 was designed, developed and maintained by Paolo Ventafridda (Italy) after forking from the XCSoar project in July 2009.

Since July 2009, LK8000  is an independent project.

  • Project leader and developer: Paolo Ventafridda (Italy)
  • Development: Bruno de Lacheisserie (France)
  • Development: Ulli Heynen (Germany) with the help of Ilka
  • Development: Tony Tarsi (Italy)
  • Development, calculations, simulations: Mateusz Pusz (Poland)
  • Development: Kalman Rozsahegyi (Hungary)
  • Development: Richard Pecl (CZ)
  • GA development: Oren Cohen (Israel)
  • Development: Karim Trojette (Germany)
  • Development: Kuba Kubrynski (Poland)
  • Graphics: Jiri Bergman (CZ)
  • Development: Eric Carden (USA)
  • Development: Jozef Hartinger
  • GA Development: Alberto Realis-Luc (Netherlands, Italy)
  • .. and thanks to Tobias Bieniek, Robert Dunning, Max Kellermann, John Wharington and the XCS team.

  • Webmaster & Public Relations: Sérgio Da Silva (Portugal-Canada)
  • Document revision and editor: Allan Broadribb (USA)
  • Calculations: Lucas Marchesini
  • Documentation and presentations in italian: Mino Giolai
  • Documentation and presentations in german: D.Klinkenberg, Ulrich Heynen, Merve Finke
  • Documentation and presentations in serbian: Aleksandar Cirkovic
  • Documentation in Czech: Jan Sebesta
  • Documentation in French: Bruno Cardon, Romaric Boucher, Dany Demarck, Gilles BRUNEAU
  • Paragliding interface: Bo Haugsgjerd and Sérgio Da Silva
  • Manual 3.0 by Ernst Dieter Klinkenberg, english version with the help of Frank Pennauer (Canada)



The Translation Team

Romaric Boucher, Dany Demarck, Bruno de Lacheisserie - French

Ernst-Dieter Klinkenberg, Klaus Timmermann - German

Zdeněk Šebesta - Czech

Zoran Miličić, Saša Mihajlović - Croatian (Hrvatski)

Mateusz Pusz - Polish

Hector Martin - Spanish

Patrick Pagden - Swedish

Aleksandar Cirkovic - Serbian

Lucas Marchesini, Enrico Girardi, Michele Borghi - Italian

Rick Boerma, Senne Verpoorten - Dutch

Tales Maschio, Guilherme Vacilotto - Brasilian Portuguese

João Rosa - Portuguese

Thomas Manousis - Greek

Kalman Rozsahegyi - Hungarian

Konstantin Goncharenko, Vyacheslav Kopchynskyy - Russian

Dang Quoc Tuan - Vietnamese

The Alpha Team is testing preliminar versions, giving important suggestions. They are a lot! It's hard to mention all of them..

Sasa Mihajlovic, Bjorn Ole Haugsgjerd, Michel Hagoort, Dave Salmon, Martin Gregorie, Andy Durbin, Berthold Bredenbeck, Karim Trojette,  Marco Nierop, Al Macdonald, Pawel Roman, Thomas Weinberger

.. and many, many other pilots.


Terrain and Topology Maps

Terrain maps are made out of SRTM (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission  http://www2.jpl.nasa.gov/srtm ).

Terrain generator is also using Gtopo30 from the US Geological Surveys Eros Data Center (EDC).

Topology maps are made out of SRTM and mixed sometimes with OpenStreetMap and other custom made informations (for Alps and Italy).

Generally we credit Map data (C) OpenStreetMap contributors CC-BY-SA and Creative Common Licenses.

Some companies have contributed both with hardware and ideas. In order of.. appearance, thanks to:

  • DIGIFLY Europe (Donato Robortella)
  • GLIDERTOOLS.CZ (Vladimir Fux)
  • FLYTECH , Erich Lerch (CH)
  • IMI-GLIDING  (ERIXX logger)
  • MEDION (Car Navigators, Outdoor PNAs, World leader)
  • HOLUX.Com (Manufacturer of GPS devices, World leader)
  • WOLF-GEAR.com  (Funtrek 130 masters)
  • ODHITEC Sunlight Readable SCreens , Taiwan
  • LX Navigation
  • XCTracer
  • BlueFlyVario
  • Stodeus ( GPSBip, LeBipBip )


PostFrontal has kindly hosted our forum so far, thanks to Giuliano Golfieri.


Web pictures contributed by Roel Baardman, thanks!

Before LK8000 I was using...