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LK8000 version 7.4.5

This is the latest official version, released on May 12th, 2023


Translated into 17 languages, already included: English, German, French, Czech, Polish, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Brasilian, Serbian, Croatian, Swedish, Hungarian, Greek, Russian, Vietnamese.

Note: some languages are partially mixed with english until new translations are completed.

The archive is a ZIP file, ready to be extracted and used on an SD card, or on a flash disk, with no other special operation required (no CAB files, no setup).

On PC platforms, simply copy the LK8000 folder somewhere even on the desktop, enter LK8000 folder and run PC exe. LK will start up using demo configuration, ready to be evaluated.  Nothing else to download, nothing else to install. No Microsoft install procedure, no registry usage, and thus easy to remove.

For KOBO please follow instructions in the manual.

The PC version will start in 800x480 mode, but you can create a link of it choosing the desired resolution following instructions HERE or you can change the resolution with a menu button later, see the manual


  • Android
Get it on Google Play


  • Touch
  • Mini
  • Glo
  • Touch 2.0
  • Glo HD
  • Aura Edition 2




  • Windows Mobile




  • Windows PC
Before LK8000 I was using...