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The moving map showing overlays (you can disable them on the fly): task destination, distance, required efficiency, arrival altitude, MC,  ground speed and average efficiency on ground.
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One of several text pages, holding 16 values plus the bottom stripe! You can flip these pages with your finger, using gestures just like on an iphone.
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Nearest pages are automatically updated to show landing destinations, turnpoints, etc. ordered as you want. Always keep an eye on landing options!
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Just touch the ReqEff on the top, and the page will be ordered by requested efficiency to waypoint. To know what's in front of you, order by direction. There are 7 pages in this example, and you flip to the second with your finger, down to up or reversed, as on an iphone.
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A nice multitarget capability: show position of last thermal, required efficienct and arrival altitude to go back there. Always available automatically.
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Thermalling will let you see lift and sink zones for better centering.
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FLARM traffic can be made "TARGET", and you can follow someone always knowing his IAS, and if you are actually higher or lower than him once you get to his position. Push down if your target is lower on the sight. He can run, but cannot hide!
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Another multitarget choice: track your target on the moving map. Your waypoint becomes the moving FLARM target.
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At any zoom level, LK can keep all valuable informations perfectly visible and readable on your small screen.
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Keep in eye on the target, and on the last thermal position.
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When several FLARMs are around you, the moving map won't help you at all. Switch to text mode, and sort them out! Who's climbing better? A nice +4.6m/s lift just a couple of km away..
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What's the plafond here? 897m until now, in my thermal.. Nothing better than text pages to know who is in front of you: just sort by direction.
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Paraglider's and Delta racing: Time Gates Start is configurable as both IN and OUT of sector-cylinder. Estimated time-to-go based on current MC and distance to the start line, for efficiently crossing the start line at the correct time without penalities. This functionality is good also for Grand Prix races for gliders, and it is fully configurable.
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LK will alert the pilot with clear sounds to warn him when a gate is open.
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