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LK8000 is the "turbulence proof" flight computer for PDAs and PNAs (car navigators).

  • It works on any Windows CE 4, 5 or 6 device, and on PC.
  • It is designed to work in landscape mode, because all PNAs have landscape screens, and in portrait mode for those who still use a PDA.
  • It is  designed to perfectly work also with no hardware keys or buttons, because PNAs do not have them.
  • It is designed to make use of these powerful CPU that are nowadays available. There is no reason to have a 500mhz processor aboard if the software running on it is still 5 to 10 years old and now it is spending most of its time in an idle state.
  • It is designed to be fully functional even on older hardware, fully supporting those Ipaq ppc still around since 2002!
  • It is rock solid and crash proof, tested by thousands of pilots.


All informations available with a simple click


Why choosing on ground which information you may need during a flight? You have been frustrated more than a time for not having one value quickly available, or not available at all, because you forgot to "configure" it before the takeoff.

LK8000 has all of the important informations, and there are dozens, always available. Overlays are giving you the basic info you will always need to know during the flight. The bottom bar has 5 values that can change by touching the screen, rotating 9 stripes of values (three of them configurable).

Not enough? Switch to textual info pages.  With LK8000 you always know that you can take off with NO configuration at all.

Because you don't need to choose, you have them all!

A matter of User Interface

Let's be honest: most of the software around is great in the hangar or at home, but quite unusable during a flight.

You cannot select a pixel on the screen! Sometimes it's hard enough to look at the screen itself!

That's why LK8000 allows you to switch pages and access informations without even looking at the screen.

We have selected audio tones to let you know "where you are" in the software. Actually, you can use LK8000 even blindfolded! Want to bet?


Do you care about landing places?

Nothing better than LK to look around for landing options. The Nearest pages can be sorted in real time by distance, direction, arrival altitudes etc.  And the Best Alternate function is working in the background, looking around and calculating terrain obstacles, wind, glide ratio, mac cready, anything useful not only to guess but actually to predict the very best landing opportunity in case of troubles. And time to time, without bothering you too much, during the flight you will listen to a soft sound and a message will tell you that your best alternate has just changed.

A dream come true for most pilots that are concerned about landing places during their flights.


  • It is a perfect companion for FLARM units (and compatibles), handling up to 50 simultaneous traffic, sortable by distance, direction, average vario and altitude, all values updated in real time. Support for Live, Ghost and Zombie traffic, fully configurable. Selection of individual traffic for more details.
  • Full support for FlarmNet database (www.flarmnet.org)
  • FLARM Target special "sight" page with glide path to the moving target, estimated IAS of target, arrival altitude on target's position, requested efficiency to arrive on target's. The shown position of target is relative to the estimated altitude arrival over there!  If a target is 5km ahead, with a lower altitude, you may be nevertheless much lower when you get there. So the Sight page is showing you what is your real situation, compared to the target's position, estimated for current wind and MC.
  • NO BUTTONS to press, no configuration needed: it is all automatic, and "turbulence proof". When a target had disappeared for some time, and suddenly it is back visible by the "Flarm Radar", a Scramble message will appear on screen to alert you.
  • Enhanced topology, detailed roads, medium cities, small and very small cities, lakes and rivers' names, and all of them fully configurable. You can choose what to see, up to the desired zoom level.
  • A totally redesigned automatic decluttering system will avoid your screen to be full of unreadable labels, both for waypoints, airports and topology. At any zoom level you are granted to have always the best possible moving map experience, with no rivals even among cxpensive commercial products.  You can load 4000 waypoints with all the names of the mountains in the Alps, for example, and still have a perfect readable moving map.
  • LK8000 does manage two simultaneous serial lines with automatic fallback and full redundance: for example, you may connect a Flarm to the serial port (either as Bluetooth or RS232) and in case of failure let LK use the internal GPS of your PNA, with no downtime, automatically!
  • Wind calculation during straight flying, with no digital compass of airspeed probe needed!
  • Thermal assistant, smart and non-invasive! A simple tone will tell you that it is time to lever the aircraft for better centering. No need to look at the screen!
  • FAI Triangle optimizer in real time, and we also create a virtual waypoint for you to close the triangle!
  • 3D airspaces: sideview, topview, for bulletproof airspace vision
  • Combined vision of top and side view terrain obstacles, fully resizable
  • Airspace SONAR
  • Vector airfields symbols
  • Many configurable altitude alarms
  • Compatibility with CUP task files and waypoints, OZI Explorer, CompeGPS, CUP format, DAT format
  • Outdoor functions for 2D usage (Car, Bike, Trekking)
  • The best possible task support for Paragliding and Hanggliding competition, with route optimization
  • Integrated IGC logger AND a real Flight Data Recorder
  • .. and many, many other features.


It supports all screen resolutions, and it is fine tuned for each of them:

Landscape mode Portrait mode












It has been well tested on all major car navigators on the market. It works wonderfully on those chinese devices that come only with CE installed, but also on commercial flight devices based on CE such as  Bendix King's AV8R, Naviter's Oudie.












A PNA running LK8000, connected to FLARM and Butterfly: a perfect combination.




Since the LK not only looks great, but it also works flawlessy, some companies are already selling their flight computers with LK8000 preinstalled.

Glider's, Paraglider's and Delta pilots are fully supported. LK is a unique flight computer for all purposes.


Please visit our Gallery for some good screenshots, and download the manual which is full of pictures as well.




Before LK8000 I was using...