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GliderTools VFBT-1 BlueTooth RS232 adaptor


BlueTooth RS232 adaptor  VFBT-1


Price: currently on offer at 69 euro

This device will let you connect your PNA or PDA with a bluetooth serial port to external devices such as Flarms, loggers, variometers, Garmin etc.

At the same time, this module will power your device with a current up to 2A at 5V.







It comes well packaged inside a box, containing a good exaustive manual, one cable (two cables only in the picture) and the unit.



The module is small but solid, and can fit easily anywhere aboard.


We could test the module, and made some checks.

We connected the module to a PC using the DB9 serial cable and a null modem adaptor.

We linked an HP HX-4700 PDA running LK8000 to the module. From PC we sent out an NMEA stream to simulate a real flight with real data. Everything was working properly.

We then linked the VFBT-1 to an HP-314 using bluetooth. No problems.

This device does his job. The power supply comes very useful when you want to power for example an HP314 which requires 1A @ 5V. The VFBT-1 can provide up to 2A , which is a lot and not common among such devices.

Another good thing is that the VFBT-1 has got a serial output that can be used in parallel to the BlueTooth output. This feature comes useful when you need to feed two devices with the same stream of data coming - for example - from a Flarm.




What else can we say? It works perfectly, and the price is really appealing.

Before LK8000 I was using...