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Since LK 4.0 you can change the screen resolution on PC with a button, as explained in the manual. Version 5 is also saving on PC the chosen resolution, for the next time. So you should be done with this issue.

However, it is still possible to use this old approach.


You can execute the PC version of LK8000 using any valid screen resolution supported by the software.

By default, LK PC starts up in 800x480 mode, in landscape mode. You can easily create many shortcuts to execute the software with any of the the following screen resolutions:

(landscape modes)









(portrait modes)






In order to run it at one of these resolutions, you create a shortcut on Windows, and then change its properties.

Here is how, starting from LK8000 folder with the LK executable

We create the shortcut by right clicking on the icon, and then "create shortcut"

Now the new shortcut is pointing to the original, with no difference.

You right click on the new shortcut (in italian "Collegamento..")

Select the shortcut choice in the upper fields list, and you get the page above.

Now you change the destination.

As you see, after the ...LK8000-PC.exe"  (notice those brackets: "   Do not remove them!) you add -480x272

(no spaces between the minus -480x272  it must be all together).

Now we select the General field in the upper fields list:

You can perfectly keep it as is, but you may want to change it to name it with the new resolution, so that you can have several icons, each one with a different name.

I chose a simple   LK8000 480x272  to remind the resolution. This is only the name of the icon, you can also call it "LK", or "Apple" it does not make any difference.

Now on the desktop you have

Click on the new icon, and you get the LK running at 480x272, just like your PNA.

Repeat the procedure to create your favourite resolution between those listed at the beginning of this page.

Please note that the 896x672 resolution is existing only for PC, for big screen presentations.

Before LK8000 I was using...