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GliderTools RS-232 to USB for PNA

GliderTools is manufacturing this nice "universal" tool for connecting PNAs to RS232 serial devices.


A switching 5V power supply is provided to PNA at the same time with RS232 signal, so that the miniUSB plug in the PNA device is bringing both power and data.

Internally, the adaptor is really neat and clean.


The device can also be configured! Two dip-switches are easily accessible for exchanging RX TX signals or voltage level on Pin 4 (such as on Wayteq, Oudie etc.). Most PNA such as MIO, HP etc will not require any change.


If you have a MIO, a Wayteq, an HP310 or any PNA with an hidden serial port on the miniUSB plug, this is the perfect companion to connect it with an external instrument such as a logger, a traffic advisor, a variometer etc.

Price is extremely reasonable too!

Before LK8000 I was using...