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What's new in LK8000 1.22
Tuesday, 26 October 2010 19:25


************** Version : 1.22b (100820Changes from version: 1.22a

  • Fixed FLARM objects icons and text values too small on the moving map, now much better at all resolutions

  • Fixed missing airspace alert sound. Now using _System/_Sounds/LK_AIRSPACE.WAV which can be changed by user.

  • Fixed problem of 0% battery alerts, repeating endlessy.

  • Map fonts for waypoints and topology in 320x240 resolution are now bigger by default, since on 3.5 inches screen they looked too small

  • Fixed non critical problem of fonts loading on some PNAs

  • Minor non critical fixes

Polar file bug in 1.22: do NOT put empty lines in custom winpilot polar files, before the polar line.

************** Version : 1.22a (100726Changes from version: 1.20b (100318)

New things

  • Added Goto Home as custom key

  • Added new model type "Navigon", solving problem of screen glitches (randomic lines).

  • Supported resolution portrait 480x800

  • New Keyboard

  • New Traffic pages 4.1 4.2 and 4.3 , available only when a FLARM or DSX is connected

  • New sounds of bottombars

  • Added new decluttering mode from Display menu "Labels" ON-> WPTS-> TOPO-> OFF Will show all labels, only waypoints, only topology, none.

  • . If at startup LK detects that safety altitude is not set, or it was corrupted, a warning message is given.

  • . At startup, a BLEEP sound is played to let you know that the software is running. In case you are loading the FlarmNet database, this sound is a good signal to understand that LK has started.

  • . New _System/_Sounds directory

  • . Task start sound is inside _System/_Sounds/LK_TASKSTART.WAV   and can be changed

  • . Task turn point sound is inside _System/_Sounds/LK_TASKPOINT.WAV   and can be changed

  • . Task finish point sound is inside _System/_Sounds/LK_TASKFINISH.WAV   and can be changed


  • . New LKMAPS TERRAIN and TOPOLOGY support

  • . New LKMAPS CONTROLS in configuration

  • . Terrain files suffix is now also ".DEM" . Old suffix ".dat" still valid, but soon obsoleted by new maps.

  • . Old Topology Files outstide .XCM (standalone topology)  are NO MORE valid and used. They are ignored, if already configured.

  • . Map files suffix is ".LKM" for LK8000 dedicated maps. Still valid ".xcm" for compatibility with XCSoar maps.

  • . Optimized topology, generally much faster execution, expecially at low zoom levels.

  • . Added new "Max labels" choice in Config 4 Terrain display. Reducing this value will result in faster execution when drawing maps with huge topology and a waypoint file with thousands of items. It can also be used to declutter the screen.

  • . Better tuned default fonts for labels at screen resolutions: 480x272 480x234 800x480 640x480

  • Topology labels are now bolder and larger.

  • . Added new decluttering mode from Display menu "Labels" ON-> TOPO-> OF Will show all labels (waypoints and topology), only topology labels, no labels

  • Previously only ON/OFF was available. New topology with LKMAPS required better control.

  • . New waypoint decluttering engine configurable in Config 3 . More options, and more accurate.

  • Since topology labels are printed AFTER waypoint's labels, decluttering will leave more space for topology in case you have a lot of waypoints.

  • . Topology labels are now more separated each other, which is necessary in populated areas

  • . NEW execution of external programs at startup and shutdown of LK8000. See dedicated Docs externals.txt

  • . New Start Time Gates for Paragliders. See long docs.

  • . New button NAV 3/3 Time Gates

  • . New Waypoint selection alpha filter. The Name button will popup the keyboard interface, to digit a selection.

  • If selection is 1-3 characters, only waypoint's names starting with this filter will show up Example:  Filter is "LON"   will select  London, Loner, Lonneberg  etc.

  • If selection is over 3 character, all waypoint's names CONTAINING this filter will show up  Example: Filter is "ALLE"  will select Alleger, Mallen, T.Palles  etc.

  • . New Circling Zoom options for Paraglider. Added "Lower" and "Higher".

  • . New TrueWind speed configuration button in TrueWind menu. Configured IAS speed is now shown constantly and can be changed dynamically. This is solving two problems: people was not remembering which IAS speed had been configured, and people could not change on the fly the preferred IAS speed to use.

  • . New sound directory, inside _System/_Sounds  containing LK sounds for special usage. These sounds can be changed by users.

  • . New initial autocheck for necessary device reset, with warning.

  • . New configurable Custom Keys in bottom bar, from Interface menu 10. See docs.

  • . Added map orientation "North Smart" in menu config 3 Map Display. This is working only for landscape mode. The glider position on the map is moving up and down automatically, depending on the direction, to make more space on the moving map ahead.

  • . Added button North Smart in Display 3 menu Orient, in place of North Track. ( When North Smart is selected, Screen View menu Set Map is disabled )

  • . Added 2.3 filter "Turnpoints", for DAT turnpoints with the T flag . Notice that SeeYou CUP waypoints are ALL marked as type T .   This option is useful for people using DAT files.

  • . New look for LK menus, black and green.

  • . New Pressure unit configurable in Units menu, hPA or inHg

  • . New configurable Overlay Color inside menu 11 Appearance

  • . Added experimental VSP0 and VSP1 comm ports selectable for PNA and PDA devices


. Changed order of items in ScreenView Pan mode menu

. Changed waypoint's details menu, enlarged buttons

. Changed behaviour of Append to Task button.

This button was previously adding the waypoint after the last turnpoint, i.e. after the finish.

Now it is adding the desired waypoint BEFORE the finish, unless you are actually running the last leg: in this case

it is appending after the finish (you can use Insert in Task  button to force insertion in this case).

. Changed start max min altitudes from 10000 to 20000 max in configuration task rules

. TextIntputStyle config in Interface 10 moved to Engineering 26

. SafetyLock config in Interface 10 moved to Safety factors menu 6

. Removed Shortcut Ibox config in Interface 10

. Status pages are now popup over the map (if resolution allows it).  BIGGER buttons.

. Visual glide button  will close the menu automatically. Previously you had to press Cancel.

. Following pages are now popup: Analysys, Task calculator, Team Code

. Speeded up menu buttons display

. Automatic QNH will not force change if terrain altitude is 0, assuming invalid terrain.

. When QNH is automagically set, a message is now displayed on screen

. Changed Config 1/1 Sounds ON/OFF with ActiveMap button.

. Renamed Speed Dolphin forced to always be Speed to Fly.

. Removed (moved to Engineering 26) the Block Speed to Fly configuration in Menu 5 Glide Computer. It was misleading or

useless at best.

. Renamed SpOpt to STF (Speed To Fly) = no more confusion

. Changed help for Speed MacCready and Speed Dolphin (now Speed To Fly)

. Heading (Track) line, when selected in overlays, was drawn only in trackup mode. Now it is drawn in all modes.

. Corrected  (shifted left) WIND position in infopages

. Corrected Waypoint bearing value display when using AAT tasks. Now indicating direction to the waypoint.

. Enlarged the glide line - when used. Now more visible. The glide line is also called "glide amoeba"

. RUNTIME.log will no more be reset at startup: logging will be done appending to it. This has two advantages:

1- In case of crash or problems, the log will not be overwritten on restart.

2- On PNAs the SD lifetime will be preserved since the memory will be used without overwrite too much.

. Changed QNH settings to 2 decimal precision (1013.25,  29.92)

. Nearest pages items changed from 25 to 50, like in TPS and COMMONs..

. Extended and more detailed Glider position in Config menu 11 Appearance

. Configurable TPS 2.3 page content in menu 11 Appearance, listing all waypoints or excluding landables

. Restyled Wind setting window

. Ground Speed max value changed from 999kmh to 9999kmh

. Changed sound of com port connection

. "Going silent on com port" message active when over 10 messages were issued previously

(in 1.20b it was 15, too many in case of problems).

. In case of power failures, Power On and Off messages are disabled after 15 times

(in 1.20b it was 30, too many in case of problems).

. Wind is reset to zero on startup

. While circling, the nearest pages are now showing Bearing in place of "---"

Bug fixes

. Fixed bug in calculated wind while circling not being displayed, since 1.20.

. Fixed bug in PNA HP314 version, where windows could be resized resulting in a messy screen.

. Fixed bug AAT min time (the AAT time available for task) once set had no effect until software restart.

Now it is correctly applied immediately.

. Fixed minor bug in WAYNOTES that would show initial comments as part of the first item's details.

. Fixed XCSOAR topology bug printing labels on moving map.

Both waypoints and topology labels were not printed correctly, respecting decluttering rules.

On low zoom levels, too many labels may clutter the screen.

On high zoom levels, too few labels were printed.

. Bugfix nasty problem with _Configuration/data.fln  . This file is the FlarmNet database. It is used only

by devices connected to a Flarm or DSX traffic advisor, and on boot it takes some seconds to load.

. Bugfix device model type in PNA (such as MIO, HP31X, MEDION etc.) was not loaded correctly after a reset of PNA.

In that case, device was set to Generic and the Install Procedure embedded in LK8000 was failing to configure

special devices (for example, icons on desktop of HP31X). This was a very old bug of mine, since version 1.12.

. Bugfix GPS Offset not working correctly using feet units

. Bugfix GPS Offset not saved correctly when negative

. Bugfix Task speed units always displaying aircraft speed unit, while the value was correct.

. Bugfix general touchscreen malfunctions when device (PC, PNA, PDA) was not reset for some time

. Bugfix RX Thread not terminated on some PNAs

. Bugfix waypoint selection screen page scrollbar initially overwriting waypoints

. Bugfix overlay color BLACK was not reverting to white with Invert Text button

. Bugfix new waypoint was always created with Turnpoint status also if Airfield or Outlanding was chosen.

This was happening only if using SeeYou .cup format.

. Bugfix in the Analysys task page, which could hang (block) the device.

. Fixed a problem with EW MicroRecorder and Baro Altitude

. Corrected minor display problem of AAT target speed value in Info Analysis Task page.

. Fixed configuration dialogues, enlarged automatically for all landscape resolutions

. NMEA parser more robust, and fixed an old minor XCSOAR bug

. Important Bugfix SeeYou waypoints CUP format, ignoring waypoints with latitude or longitude with short seconds

(example: 4609.4N,01045.12E will now be correctly managed, while in 1.20 they were ignored)

. Minor bugfix for PC versions, concerning hardware with more than 2G of RAM. LK was claiming not enough memory

while loading terrain maps.

. Bugfix Basic Settings corrupting QNH and baro altitude when feet used as units

. Bugfix TASMAN vario, not recognized correctly by the serial port daemon in LK8000

. Bugfix Airspace warning possible critical bug

. Fixed problem with some GPS multiplexers, resulting in no valid GPS fix or speed

. Minor bugfixes:

- some Efficiency values were painted even if over 200

- bottombar keys were still active in Pan mode

- and other things

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