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We are proud to introduce you to the most complete and fast Contest Calculator engine available!

This much complicated part of the code, peculiar in LK, was developed by Mateusz Pusz.


  • We wanted all contest values calculated in REAL TIME, and not only on-demand.
  • We wanted all of them always available, automatically.
  • And we wanted that the complicated calculations would not slow down software execution, in order to let LK still work on old obsoleted and slow devices such as those PPC2002.

Well, despite difficulties, we (he) made it!! You now have all of the contest values always available.

No reason to choose, when you can have them all.

In order to make calculation as accurate as possible, we also developed a new Free Flight detection engine, to let the software understand in real time when the towing or winching is over, and the real free flight is starting.

So correct minimum altitude is now used to calculate altitude gain, for example. This was very important also for OLC calculation, where the contest rules want you to be within 1000m altitude difference from the start.


The CCE Engine is available only to GLIDERS and will not currently calculate anything for Paragliders, GA and CAR modes.


What do you get?

Calculation in realtime for:

  • OLC classic
  • FAI triangle,
  • FAI 3 turnpoints
  • OLC sprint league
  • OLC Plus

In addition, also the same paths are recalculated assuming the pilot can make it back to the starting point, thus PREDICTING the final results.

All values updated in realtime, automatically. Very light CPU load, will allow also very slow CPU to use the new engine.


Prediction? What are you predicting?

You normally flight and read the distance achieved so far. Then you try to calculate manually "what if I can make it back home?" .

LK is doing constantly also this kind of calculation for you, automatically.

This is very important for FAI triangles, also. Because we are practically adding one more "leg" to your path. This last leg is predicted.


How do you read results?

As usual, you have several different ways of doing the same thing, in LK!

No exception also this time. You can read your contest results:

  • on the bottom bar
  • in the information page 1.5
  • in the flight analysis page

Futrhermore, you can create your own custom page for both bottom bar and infopages, with only the values you are interested to read.

But really, we feel like you won't need to configure anything! Just in case...


New infoboxes (21) available for all contest values.

These new infoboxes are all named starting with OLC, to have them grouped:

OLC Classic Distance
OLC Classic Score (based on configured handicap)
OLC Classic Speed

OLC Classic Predicted Distance
OLC Classic Predicted Score
OLC Classic Predicted Speed

OLC FAI 3 TPs Distance
OLC FAI 3 TPs Speed

OLC FAI 3 TPs Predicted Distance
OLC FAI 3 TPs Predicted Speed

OLC FAI triangle Distance
OLC FAI triangle Score
OLC FAI triangle Speed

OLC FAI triangle Predicted Distance
OLC FAI triangle Predicted Score
OLC FAI triangle Predicted Speed

OLC League Distance
OLC League Score
OLC League Speed

OLC Plus Score
OLC Plus Predicted Score

Total 21 new values. On display, Predicted values have an asterics "*".


  • OLC Plus is only a score value, the sum of OLC classic score and FAI triangle score
  • Predicted Speed is calculated using average speed so far

With all of these infoboxes you can create custom page or bottom bar stripes.
However, there is no need to configure anything because......

New CONTEST infopage 1.5 (the TRI becomes 1.6).

This page appears only for GLIDER mode, not for paragliders, GA, CAR etc.
The new infopage is showing all necessary values, updated in real time.



Quick! Flip to 1.5 and have all values under your eyes. Nothing to choose, nothing to configurate.

You have them all.

OLC dis  is the current distance achieved so far.

OLC*dis is the Predicted distance if you can make it back to the start point. See the asterisc.

The asterisc is always telling you "this is predicted, not real".

LEA stands for LEAGUE. Sprint distance-speed in the faster 2.h hours flown so far.


PLS stands for PLUS, the new 2011 OLC contest, which is only a SCORE in fact.

It is the sum of OLC dis and FAR dis scores.

So you have

  • dis  for distance
  • scr  for score
  • spd for speed

New Info -> Analysis -> Contest   page.

Here you can view graphical representation of selected contest, with all
values as well. To change contest, rotating all of them, simply press
on the "Change" button.

In the picture, OLC Classic "Predicted": what if we get back to the starting point, from the place we are now?

Bottom bar stripe  STA3  has no more ODOmeter displayed, if Contest is in use.

In place of ODO, the  OLC Distance is shown.
ODO is now available in the TRI infopage 1.6


OLC dis is updated in real time. Of course you may configure to show any other OLC value, or all of them.

Before LK8000 I was using...