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Location markers are waypoints that are created in the current position, and at the current altitude.

They are normally used by pilots to quickly remember a certain location of a thermal, for example, or lifting air, or a return point.   Within LK v3.0 , Markers are not only created but also managed efficiently for immediate or later reusage.

During flight, you can mark a location simply calling menu


and clicking on the Location Marker button, which is immediately available for this purpose on the main menu list.


An alternate approach to mark a location is to assign the Location Marker function to a custom key in configuration.


After pressing Location Marker, a sound is played and a new waypoint appears on the map


The new Marker has a name built using MK followed by the local time of creation.

In this case, at 12:28:31 .

The waypoint can be selected by clicking on it, if Active Map is enabled.

And it is found also in the nearest pages:

as a turnpoint in page 2.3



and also in the COMMONS page, where all the current flight-related waypoints are always listed.

In the COMMONS page Markers will be listed as Last-in First-Out . We remind you that the COMMONS page cannot be sorted, since the order of waypoints listed is strictly preassigned.

So you can select the marked waypoint for usual operations such as a Go-To, or insert it as Alternate destination.


Asking for details will reveal the waypoint stored information:


As you can see, the Elevation of the Marked waypoint is exactly the one we had in flight at the time of the marking operation.

And the nearest known waypoint is also remembered, as an additional information.


Up to 10  Location Markers waypoints are remembed by LK during the current flight. Creating a new marker beyond this number will overwrite the oldest existing marker of the day.

Daily markers are not automatically reloaded for the next flight (see later), and they can also be cleared manually




All markers are always saved, also, to a CUP formatted file in the _Waypoints folder of LK.

The filename is different for each day, appearing like LKyyyymmdd.cup

where yyyy is the year, mm is the month, dd is the day.

We save each marker in the daily marker's file, and even if you are marking more than 10 markers in a flight, all of them will be saved. Even if you clear the markers, they will survive inside this daily file.


This is how the content of the daily markers file looks like:


Notice that each marked waypoint in the file has a comment that looks like this


So anytime, maybe weeks later!, you want to load some markers related to a nice flight on a special day..

To do so, simply enter configuration, and select the waypoint file 2


You will find all of the LK markers listed there!



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