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LK Profiles allow you to choose on startup any special configurations of parameters that have been previously saved.

Click on PROFILE and you get to this page.

The profile page is always showing:

  • Pilot name
  • Aircraft rego
  • Aircraft type
  • Aircraft polar in use


There are three different profiles:

Aircraft profiles

Aircraft is holding the aircraft type, rego, polar, etc.

Pilot profiles

These are holding the pilot name, from the logger configuration page.

System profiles

These are a copy of the configuration, except aircraft and pilot parameters of course.


You can change one or all of these (aircraft,pilot,system) by clicking on them.

At the beginining of each session, you will get always the "default" file for each of them

On startup LK will load by default "DEFAULT profiles" for  aircraft, pilot and system.

These are saved automatically each time you terminate the software.

In other words, your last configuration for system, pilot and aicraft is always (always!) saved for the next time in the DEFAULT profiles.

You don't need to do anything to get to the previous configuration, because it is automatically saved each time to the defaults.

LK will save automatically ONLY TO DEFAULTS, for the next time.




Runtime vs Configuration parameters



Pay attention please: some parameters can also be changed at runtime through buttons, for example the state of Active map, the Airspace clipping, map shading, overlays on-off, inverted text, glide efficiency etc.etc.  However these parameters will not be saved to configuration.

We call these, "runtime values", because they are valid only for the current run of LK. If you enter configuration, you will notice that these values are not the same as those in runtime, if you have changed them.

It is instead valid the opposite: if you change a configuration parameter, the runtime equivalent  is immediately updated too.

The logic beyond this is simple: at startup we load runtime parameters with the configuration choices.

If you want to permanently change a parameter like Efficiency in Basic Setup, you must change it in the configuration.

If in configuration it is set to 100%, and in Basic Setup you have set efficiency to 80%, at next LK startup it will be again 100%.

Runtime values are never saved to configuration, just remember this.


Loading profiles at startup



Enter the profile page where you can select the desired profile, by type:

When you select a profile, in Aircraft , System or Pilot, at the begining you always see the current loaded profile.

On startup, it is automatically chosen the last one saved from the previous run of LK.

If it is the first time you run LK, a default configuration is internally loaded, with a default aircraft (Cirrus), a default pilot (Wolf Hirth) etc.

Click on the white space to choose another profile.

Then SELECT and then again ACCEPT to confirm the choice.

The profile page is immediately updated with your current choice, which in this example is a DG300 aircraft.


The same goes for System and Pilot. You can also go back to previous configuration, selecting DEFAULT again.

When you are satisfied, click on CLOSE and go back to main startup screen where you can choose what to do.

The profiles are NOT YET IN USE. You must either click on SIMULATE or FLY to actually load them and make them become permanent in default.

If you EXIT, your choices will not be valid. You will still get the old DEFAULT on next start.

If you click on PROFILE again, you can still change the choices, no problems.




If for any reason you want to get back to the factory default configuration, i.e. the internal configuration you get when you load LK for the very first time, you can do it using a special entry in SYSTEM profile. Go there, and list possible choice.


You will notice a special one, not existing on the file system..

Select it and accept it


You will be asked to confirm it


Confirm the choice with OK and you will be back to Profile page, with a special message


If you enter SYSTEM, you can STILL CHANGE the FULL RESET to any other profile, included DEFAULT.

Nothing has happened so far!

CLOSE  the profile page to go back to main startup screen

Still nothing has happened: the real RESET will happen only if you click on SIMULATE or FLY, just like as for any other profile.

After entering LK with FLY or SIM, at this point the full reset will happen and you will get


NOTICE: this will NOT reset the TASK .  Tasks are NOT part of profiles.



Now that you know how to load profiles, we can see how to create new profiles!

Call up the menu, and go to Config page 2/3


Here you find the SETUP system and the SAVE system buttons.

SAVE will pop up a window

Use "Save as.." to overwrite an existing profile.

Use "Save new" to create a new profile.

This button is saving the SYSTEM PROFILE.


Enter the "SETUP System" in the Config 2/3 menu to configure LK8000.

There are many pages of setup, and all those parameters belongs to SYSTEM profile, except for TWO pages:

Page 7 is the AIRCRAFT profile!

Use "Save as.."  or "Save new" to overwrite an old aircraft profile, or to create a new one.

If you change these parameters, but you dont save them with "save as" or "save new", they will be only saved to the DEFAULT AIRCRAFT profile on exit.  In fact, as you know, on exit they will be always saved ALSO to default aircraft.

.. and the same happens for page 20, Pilot NAME.

Actually in 3.0 we only save the pilot name, nothing else.

Auto logger and Short file name for the logger are part of the SYSTEM profile.

We shall separate in version 3.2 Aircraft and Pilot configuration from the System, for logical reason.

But in 3.0 they work like this.








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